Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Grassley is the new Lucy holding the football

Sen. Max Baucus worked hard to find a "bipartisan compromise" with Grassley and two other Republicans. In the end he gave them everything and got nothing in return. I'll join the chorus of others who say, "Fine, if Republicans won't play ball let's go back and make this a Democrat sponsored bill with full public option, cost controls and tax the rich to pay for it."

This insightful blog sums up our Chuck Grassley: "what this really means is that in order to meet Grassley’s definition of bipartisanship, Dems must effectively hand over to Republicans total veto power over health care reform. It’s that simple."

Baucus came close by giving Chuck 95% of what he wanted.

This is reminiscent of the stimulus where Obama gave and gave Republicans what they wanted in the bill... and sacrificing the real "stimulus" liberal economists were fighting for. In the end the Republicans voted against it. I asked at the time why Dems just didn't revert back to the real stimulus bill. Too late.

Sometimes I wonder why my party acts like a bunch of pussies. George Bush never concerned himself with compromise. He just rammed what he wanted through with much smaller Republican majorities than the Democrats currently have.

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